Letters and Life [eBook]


By: Lott, Bret

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ISBN: 9781433537868

On Being a Writer, On Being a Christian

Writing lays bare the soul. All serious writers know that each word reveals something significant about themselves, granting outsiders a glimpse at their most cherished beliefs and foundational convictions. In this series of intimate reflections on life and writing, critically acclaimed and best-selling novelist Bret Lott explores the author’s craft through five letters covering a range of fascinating topics, from exploring the value of literary fiction to discussing the humility of Flannery O’Connor. In the final and longest letter, Lott contemplates the death of his father and his struggle to convey his complicated thoughts and inexplicable emotions in words. Intensely personal and yet universally relatable, this powerful collection of essays will encourage and enrich writers and aspiring writers everywhere.






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