The World to Come [HC]


By: Watts, Isaac


ISBN: 1573581321

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There is a world to come awaiting both sinner and saint.  Our culture is consumed with a fascination for theories about the end times and what will occur after that, but instead, this book presents the biblical teaching on what will happen after death, at the end of time, and for all of eternity.

Watts is clear about the joys of heaven to be realized by the saint, as well as the eternal duration of hell prepared for the unbeliever – a topic most relevant in our day when so many are accepting the doctrine of annihilationism.  What is especially useful about this book is that Watts goes beyond just proclaiming the biblical doctrines of heaven and hell; he also presents practical instruction on how to prepare for death, both for the saint and sinner.

There is a section in which Watts attempts to prove a separate state for the souls between death and resurrection.  This book includes a biographical sketch of Isaac Watts.





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