The Last Things


By: Helm, Paul


ISBN: 9781848717015

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Concern for the present life has over-powered that for the life to come’. So writes Paul Helm in the Introduction to this timely study of the four ‘last things’: death, judgment, heaven and hell. His purpose is ‘not to speculate, or sentimentalise, but to state as sharply and starkly as possible the plain facts of the matter as Scripture portrays them’.

Paul Helm writes with careful thought and serious purpose, but also with the humility and sensitivity of a Christian convinced that we must follow God’s word wherever it leads, and no further.

The Last Things not only clarifies our view of the future-it also provides a fresher, clearer perspective on the present life.

The Last Things completes Paul Helm’s trilogy on the Christian life, which includes The Beginnings and The Callings, also published by the Trust.