Workers for the Harvest Field


By: Roberts et al

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ISBN: 9781905564309

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The Lord Jesus saw a vast harvest waiting to be gathered in but hardly any workers to do the job.  So he issued an instruction to his followers: ‘Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field’ (Matthew 9:38).

That command still applies today.  Although 2,000 years of Christian witness have past, there are still millions in our world who have never even heard the name of Christ.  Even in countries where many profess to be Christians there is great ignorance, and a great spiritual hunger – which only the Gospel of Christ can answer.

This book is an attempt to describe the nature of gospel ministry and to answer the questions that those who are considering it may have.  The aim is not to persuade everyone that they should give up their present jobs and offer themselves as workers to churches and missionary organisations.  We all have different gifts.  But we should all be asking ourselves this question: ‘What is it that I could do that would most bring glory to God through the spread of the gospel?’  For some that will mean staying where they are, for others it will mean a significant change of direction.





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