The Next Christians


By: Lyons, Gabe


ISBN: 9780385529853

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Gabe Lyons is optimistic that Christianity?s best days are yet to come. His best-selling book, UnChristian, revealed the pervasiveness of culture?s growing disregard for Christians. Now, in The Next Christians,Lyons shows how a new wave of believers are turning the tide by bringing the truth of the Gospel to bear on our changing, secular society.

?Restorers,? as Lyons calls them, approach culture with a different mentality than generations past. Informed by truth, yet seasoned with grace and love, these believers engage the world by drawing it to the sensibility and authenticity of the Christian life.

You can be one of these ?next? Christians and change the negative perception of Christianity by living a life that is faithful to the Gospel, yet credible and coherent to your friends and neighbors.