The Word of Truth


By: Sheehan, Robert


ISBN: 0852344104

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Scripture – Its Origin, Sufficiency and Relevance

“The Word of Truth is a clear, fresh, interesting look at our revealing God and his revelation in Scripture. The book is helpful and timely, particularly as it looks at some current debates about continuing revelation. Highly recommended!”|  ~  W. Robert Godfrey, Westminster Theological Seminary, Escondido, California

“Everything that needs to be said of our doctrine of Scripture is here in this remarkable book. What a gem! How lucid! How comprehensive! … It is a book no Christian can afford to be without. It is in short a masterpiece!”  ~  Martin Holdt, Hermanus United Church, Western Cape, South Africa

“…a healthy study of revelation which reads as a breath of fresh air. Clarity, common sense and a skillful grasp of the issues, together with an infectious enthusiasm for the material, make this book a superb one.”  ~  Derek Thomas, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi





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