Turn Neither Right Nor Left


By: Pickering, Jordan


ISBN: 9781532680229

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Evangelical Christianity has traditionally been defined by its belief in the authority of Scripture and its mission to make from all nations disciples of Christ, but it is increasingly being defined by its role in culture wars — we’re those who fight evolutionists, fight feminists, fight homosexuals, fight liberals.

As the political world polarizes further into right and left, the church is tempted to polarize with it. But as we focus on repelling those influences that threaten to change the church, have we forgotten what it is that gave the church the power to change the world?

Turn Neither Right Nor Left is an urgent call for evangelicals to be defined once again by what we fight for, not what we fight against. It looks at what it means to be evangelical as opposed to liberal or fundamentalist, what it means to have a Bible that is inspired by God and yet written by humans, and what it means to be people of the gospel of faith, hope, and love.

It discusses the role of doubt, social justice, and unity, and encourages us to fight with the weapons of war that God has given us: peace, love, and reconciliation with God.