True Companion


By: Wilson, Nancy


ISBN: 9781591281405

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Being a pastor’s wife isn’t the least bit about wearing fancy hats and attending church potlucks. It means helping a man who gets more complaints than any other, who deals with more messes than any other, and who has a more unreliable income than any other. Being a Pastor’s wife means a lot of suffering and heartbreak, in addition to all the frustrations of normal life.

You can see Nancy Wilson’s thirty years of experience most clearly in how she reacts to the difficult stuff — the stuff that can make you (especially if you’re married to a pastor) feel inadequate and under-qualified.

True Companion offers friendly, practical, and above all Christ-centered wisdom on how to help your husband in his vocation, how to deal with the “congregation at home” (kids), how much (or how little) a pastor’s wife needs to be involved in the church, what sins tend to spring up in a pastor’s home, how to deal with adversity from enemies (or from friends), and a host of other issues.