Closer Than a Sister


By: Fox, Christina

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ISBN: 9781527100329

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Closer Than a Sister is about friendship, but not just any friendship. It’s about the relationships between women in the church. It’s about sisterhood in Christ.

We often think of our friends as those people we would have chosen to be in our family, if we could have done so. Yet in the household of God, the friendships we have with one another are not of our own choosing. In fact, God himself has selected each person in the Body of Christ. Through our adoption into the family of God, the other believers in the church are our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are united to Christ and to one another—for all eternity.

The relationship we have with other believers looks different than other friendships we might have. It’s more than just having something in common. It goes deeper than talking about our week or what our kids are up to. Sisterhood in the church is about sharing a common life together: spiritual life. My book, Closer Than a Sister, describes what sisterhood in the church looks like and encourages readers to cultivate those relationships in the local church.

What does sisterhood look like?

  • Sisters serve one another in love.
  • Sisters mourn and weep with one another.
  • Sisters rejoice over another’s good.
  • Sisters exhort one another on in the faith.
  • Sisters disciple one another.
  • Sisters grow together as they use their gifts for the building up of Christ’s church.