To God be the Glory (Today’s Issues)


By: Hannah, John

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ISBN: 1581341717

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Duties and deadlines. Pleasures and possessions. Are they the purpose of our existence?

It’s a question people have pondered for ages. It seems that as time goes on our reason for living becomes more self-centered and yet, less clear. The Modern Age’s stress on human perfection through education and science brought us only despair. Yet instead of returning to the Bible, we turned to postmodern theories that emphasize self-worth, personal rights, and private morals. However, this abandonment to naturalism has fractured our cultural framework and brought only chaos to our lives.

The simple truth is that we were created for one purpose: God’s glory. In a time when so many, Christian and non-Christian alike, are seeking a reason to live, this booklet offers a concise understanding of God’s desire to restore His nature to us, renewing our souls, so that we may reflect His glory in our words, our actions, our very being.





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