Help! My Anger is Out of Control


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A small book for people who cannot control their anger.

Anger is widespread; it is even a major problem among professing Christians. While people express anger in different ways, controlling it is a challenge for each of us. Some feel powerless as anger rises. Others try to justify themselves.

The question that must be addressed is how a sinfully angry person can become a person of grace. This mini-book provides the answer and gives us hope by directing our attention to the power of Christ to transform angry people into gracious people.

Intended Readership:

  • People struggling with anger
  • People in a relationship with an angry person
  • Christian counselors
  • Pastors and church ministry teams
  • Small-group leaders


  • Introduction
  • 1 Understanding Anger
  • 2 How Can Angry People Be Helped?
  • 3 Overcoming Anger by God’s Grace
  • 4 Practical Ways You Can Overcome Anger
  • Conclusion
  • Personal Application Projects
  • Where Can I Get Further Help?