Time to Go? (Booklet)


By: Flinders, Simon

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ISBN: 9781922206763

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The what, why and how of leaving church

People leave churches all the time.  They may do so gradually or suddenly; they may do so thoughtfully or on a whim; and they may do so with godliness or with great unholiness; but the reality is that people do leave and it has a considerable impact on the Christian communities of which we’re a part.  Yet despite this, it’s not something many of us think about very often.

In this short booklet Simon Flinders takes a look at what church is, why you’d leave (and why you wouldn’t), and how to leave well – the aim being to think God’s thoughts after him, hopefully well in advance of any decision you might be contemplating, and with a little bit of objective distance from the frustration and confusion and emotional turmoil often associated with the act of leaving a church.