A Fragrance of Oppression


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The Church and Its Persecutors

We live in an age both of Glasnost and Tiananmen Square, of a torn-down Berlin Wall and outlawed Christianity.  In some nations Christians are undergoing severe persecution; in others they are finding the pressures against them lessened or apparently removed.  What is the true picture of persecution and the church of Jesus Christ today?

One thing is sure: conflict between Christianity and human government (especially totalitarianism) is inevitable; the two are in competition for human souls. And when the conflict comes–in whatever form–some of God’s people will, and do, suffer. But as this book shows, there is hope for fruitful, faithful Christian life and witness no matter how difficult the circumstance!

“Herbert Schlossberg reminds us that the cause of religious freedom remains an urgent one, even in the wake of communism’s collapse. His call to the churches to defend the rights of believers, in and out of season, is, to use an often-debased word, prophetic.” ~ George Weigel, President, Ethics and Public Policy Center

“The author persuasively delves into the origins of persecution and how we ought to respond to it. Sobering, but full of inspiration and hope.” ~ Kent R. Hill, Executive Director, The Institute on Religion and Democracy

“The suffering Church worldwide is… very real but little known in the West. A Fragrance of Oppression is therefore most timely and necessary. I wholeheartedly commend this comprehensive and compassionate work.” ~ Patrick Sookhdeo, Executive Director, Servants’ Fellowship International





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