The Gospel According to the Apostles


By: MacArthur, John


ISBN: 9780785271802

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The apostles understood the Gospel as they learned from and personally lived alongside Jesus, and these lessons became the heart of their message to an unsaved world. But what does their perspective mean for modern Christians, and how can we read the Bible through their unique lens today?

Following the release of his bestselling book The Gospel According to Jesus, Dr. MacArthur noticed that Christians were looking for practical advice, spiritual counsel, and accessible explanations of the Bible. And, most of all, they wanted help understanding their experiences within Christianity. Dr. MacArthur realized that by examining scripture from the perspective of the apostles themselves, even more Christians could come to know the Gospel as Jesus’ earliest followers did.

In his characteristic compelling style, Dr. MacArthur examines some of the key passages from the Epistles and Acts that reveal how the apostles first shared the gospel and how they unfolded the truths of salvation to the early church.

Dr. MacArthur doesn’t shy away from answering some of the difficult questions that he’s been asked over the years, including:

  • What is cheap grace?
  • Have some Christians adopted a no-lordship theology?
  • What must a person do to be considered righteous by God?
  • How should we call people to faith?
  • Do our works have any effect on our salvation?

The Gospel According to the Apostlesis a book for every Christian who wants to experience, understand, and fall in love with the same gospel that Jesus preached.