Abundant Life in Jesus Christ


By: Dompreh, Dominic


ISBN: 9781468544992

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The “Abundant Life in Jesus Christ” is a book that will encourage you to look for the important things in your life. This book highlights the importance of studying the Word of God in a time like this, and knowing the promises God has in the scriptures for you.

Reading this book will be a great benefit to you, because it will throw more light on the things you need to focus on to enjoy the abundant life in Jesus Christ. It speaks of the Bible and the importance of knowing the Word of God, and this book will enable you to be steadfast in the Lord when the storms and tribulations of life come your way.

It talks about freeing yourself from mental poverty, and refusing to be poor no matter what comes your way. It also speaks about not limiting God by the limitations you see in yourself, but believing that everything is possible with God.

It encourages you not to let your situations and circumstances dictate your fate, but to allow your faith to determine your destiny. This book speaks of allowing the Word of God to become your roadmap to abundant life in Jesus.