By: Parsons, Rob

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ISBN: 9780340995952

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What Every Parent Has to Know

Author of the highly successful Sixty Minute series Rob Parsons turns his attention to that very difficult period of adolescence – the teenage years.  He explains how to cope with this often disruptive period in a family’s life and how to continue feeling close to your teenagers as they grow up and become increasingly independent.  He gives clear and easy to follow advice making sure that you will not feel on your own and you will be able to make the most of your precious time with your children.

“Insightful and practical.  It will help every parent navigate those turbulent teenage years.”  ~  David Lumsdon Educational Psychology Academic and Professional Tutor University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

“This incredible book will save not just our relationships with our children, but our sanity. And the really lucky ones will discover it before their kids are teenagers.”  ~  Parentalk

“It was as if somebody turned on a light.  This book whispered to me, You re not the worst mother on the face of the earth.  This stuff with your teenager is normal.”  ~  Jennie, mother of three teenagers