FLYTE: faith. life. together. Leader Guide – Volume 3 [eBook]


By: LifeWay Kids

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ISBN: 9781415871645

FLYTE: faith. life. together. Volume 3 – Leader Guide is a Bible study curriculum for Kids ages 10-12, one that speaks to what they’re dealing with right now — not what’s past or in their future. Each volume includes 13 simple to execute sessions. As the culture around Preteenss continues to inundate them with worldly messages, FLYTE is the resource for churches to walk alongside Preteenss in helping them develop a godly worldview—combining faith and life. FLYTE enables leaders to cater to the specific needs of Preteenss, while equipping leaders with fresh video content, sound Bible study, and life applications relevant to their Preteenss. (13 sessions)

Unit 1: Church:

  • Why do I have to go to church?
  • Where do I fit in at church?
  • Can I serve too?
  • Does my money count?

Unit 2: Purity:

  • What does it mean to be pure?
  • What is physical purity?
  • What is sexual purity?
  • What is mental purity?

Unit 3: Friendship:

  • How can I choose good friends?
  • What do I do about peer pressure?
  • Cliques, bullies, mean girls . . . what’s up with that?
  • How can I be a good friend?
  • Bonus: Easter (a pure life, Jesus)

Leader Guide contains:

  • 13 Session plans
  • Personal Bible study for leaders
  • Tips for leading Preteenss
  • Fellowship ideas


  • Helps Preteens leaders pull off each session with ease
  • Included personal Bible study points for leaders





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