Supernatural Healing


By: Roth & Josef


ISBN: 9780768428315

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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow God Healings, Delivers, and Sets the Captive Free!

After more than 35 years of investigating miracles for radio, television, and print, Sid Roth, a Jewish believer in Jesus, has compiled the most outstanding and verified healing miracles that he has discovered.

Sid is convinced that healing is for today. The same price that was paid for our sins also healed all our diseases. Healing is part of our inheritance.

The true-life testimonies in Supernatural Healing will build your faith for healing and the anointing will splash off the pages as you allow God to shower you with His glorious love.

As Sid likes to say, “Healing is so easy to understand, you need help to get confused.” Regrettably, generations of Christians have been raised to believe that healing is not for everyone.

Two thousand years ago, Yeshua (Jesus) entered a synagogue and said “[You are] making the Word of God of no effect through your tradition!” If Jesus went into most churches today, He would say the same thing.

Get ready. Things are about to change.





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