China’s Book of Martyrs


By: Hattaway, Paul



ISBN: 9781903689400

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In China’s Book of Martyrs, the first of the Fire & Blood series, Paul Hattaway charts the story of the Christian church in China from the earliest beginnings to present day. This comprehensive first volume tells the stories of those who have died for their faith in Christ in China, from all creeds or denominations and nationalities, including indigenous Chinese believers. Its features are: 1. History of the Christian church in China listed province by province from AD 845 to the present.2. All denominations and creeds included. 3. All known martyrs included around 1000 named individuals or groups (501 profiles). 4. Includes over 2000 footnotes and source references, an extensive bibliography and indexes that list martyrs per country of origin and province in China where they were martyred. 5. Contains more than 500 black and white photos or drawings All those interested in the church movement, especially within China, will find this resource invaluable to their studies.

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