Songs in the Night


By: Milton, Michael

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ISBN: 9781596382213

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Turn your weakest, most discouraging moments into your best, most uplifting moments.

Joseph Parker, noted preacher of the City Temple in London, said, “Preach to the suffering and you will never lack a congregation. There is a broken heart in every pew.” For that reason, this book is for everyone –because there are many, many things that break our hearts. Sicknesses, spiritual depression, disabilities, painful memories, strained relationships . . . all of these weigh on our hearts at one time or another.

Yet even in the midst of our heartache, a faith comes from Jesus Christ that not only encourages us through our pain, but also transforms our pain . . . as long as we let it.

These pastoral messages and personal illustrations show how the brokenhearted Christian can locate the God of all comfort in the center of his or her pain, and can even learn how the gospel transforms our private pain into personal praise.

Read and discover how God uses the things that seek to destroy us to become the very things that bring us salvation, bring us hope, bring us to prayer, bring us together, and ultimately bring us to heaven.