The Search for Meaning (Ecclesiastes)


By: McMahon, Tim


ISBN: 9781922206053

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It’s the greatest research project of all time. The wisest man in the ancient world, with almost limitless resources at his disposal, sets out to find the answer to the biggest conundrum of all: the meaning of life.

Why do bad things happen seemingly at random to both good and bad people? What is the point of all our toiling and striving if we all die regardless? Is there anything really to be gained?

The brilliant author of Ecclesiastes applies his mind to these and many other perplexing questions with a God-centred honesty and wisdom that speaks as freshly now as it did millennia ago. To a world like ours, so obsessed with the pleasures of the moment, and so confused about whether there is anything that gives meaning to life as a whole, the book of Ecclesiastes has much to say. For Christians who live in such a world, it offers many challenges and equips us to live with hope and faith in a groaning world.

For small groups or individuals, The Search for Meaning is an excellent guide to this challenging book of the bible.