Discovering Jesus


By: Alexander, Desmond

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ISBN: 9781433520051

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Why Four Gospels to Portray One Person?

An introductory guide to the four Gospels, showing how each differs in what it emphasizes about the nature and ministry of Jesus Christ.

If asked how Matthew’s Gospel differs from Luke’s, or what aspects of Jesus personhood and ministry the Gospel of Mark focuses on compared to those of John, how would you answer?  In Discovering Jesus, T. D. Alexander sets out to help readers understand how each Gospel account is uniquely written and why all four are important for having a rich picture of the person of Jesus Christ.

Alexander guides readers to see how the Gospels display Jesus as the Son of David who establishes the kingdom of God, the Son of God who suffers to ransom others, the Savior of the world who seeks the lost, and the Lamb of God who brings eternal life through a new exodus.  Each chapter ends with discussion questions for individual or group study.