Romans (Study Pack)


By: Lucado, Max

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ISBN: 9780310126140

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In a format designed for small-groups or personal study, Max Lucado welcomes us into the freedom of grace with this exploration of Paul’s letter to the Roman church. When we truly understand the power of grace, it sets us free from having to do good, so that we can do good. There’s no more have to, instead there’s I can do.

In this liberating video study–the first of the 40 Days Through the Book series, Lucado focuses on several important themes in the book of Romans:

  • The reality, danger, and power of sin – the deepest problem humans face (Romans 1-2).
  • God’s grace, which is real, amazing, available to all (Romans 3-5).
  • God has set us free, but the battle with sin continues – becoming like Jesus demands continual surrender (Romans 6-8).
  • We are a part of God’s beautiful story – creation, fall, redemption, and restoration (Romans 9-11).
  • Christians follow in Jesus’ footsteps by humbly serving and sacrificially loving others (Romans 12-13).
  • Christ-followers are called to live in fellowship with each other (Romans 14-16).

Sessions include: 

  1. The Problem We Face (19:00)
  2. The Gift We’ve Been Offered (19:00)
  3. The Battle We Fight (18:00)
  4. The Story We’ve Joined (18:00)
  5. The Path We Follow (18:00)
  6. The Fellowship We Find (18:00)

Max Lucado’s study on the Book of Romans is the inaugural study in a series called 40 Days Through the Book. Each of the studies in this series, taught by a different pastor or Bible teacher on specific books of the Bible, is designed to help us more actively engage with God’s Word by understanding its background and culture, and applying it in a fresh way to our lives. 

This pack contains:

  • 40 Days Through the Book: Romans Study Guide
  • 40 Days Through the Book: Romans Video Study DVD (streaming video access included)