Priority One


By: Hooker, Josh


ISBN: 9780852349359

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A True Understanding of God’s Grace in Our Lives

This book is a timely reminder that the gospel is not only good news for the unbeliever, but also for the believer. Here we see the priority of God’s grace – as seen, primarily, in Christ and his cross.

The main sections deal, in practical ways, with how we remember God’s grace as Christians, how we receive God’s grace and how we need to reapply that grace day by day in our lives in order to save us from legalism on one hand or lawlessness on the other. The writer urges us to abandon the pretense that we are not sinners. He shows how living by grace day by day will keep us from despairing about our sin that so easily trips us up and tortures our consciences.

This book is written primarily for those who have been Christians for some time, but who need a fuller understanding of what Christ has done for us. The writer is clear that we not only begin with the cross, but that we go on living, daily, in the power of that same cross. The book spells out the priority of grace in our Christian lives and how a firm understanding of the gospel can transform us.
This is an ideal resource for both individuals and groups.

Table of Contents:
Section 1: Grace Remembered
Chapter 1 What is it you believe again?
Chapter 2 The Crux of the matter
Section 2: Grace Received
Chapter 3 The power of the cross
Chapter 4 Our daily struggle
Chapter 5 The difference grace makes
Section 3: Grace Reapplied
Chapter 6 Deadly desires
Chapter 7 Centred on Christ




1 review for Priority One

  1. Keith Broughton-Clarke

    ‘The title of this short book is exactly right. There is no more important priority in the Christian life (in all of life, indeed) than the grace of God, the creator and redeemer of the universe. We need to seek God’s grace not just at the moment of conviction and conversion, but every moment ever after. Unfortunately the church easily generates a culture of pretence or denial. There is an unholy paradox that in order to become a Christian and belong to the church the first thing you have to do is admit you’re a failure in need of God’s mercy and grace, but in order to “sustain your membership” as a respected member of the church, the last thing you should ever do is admit you’re a failure. So we struggle on with inner guilt and shame, while our outward lives either stiffen with righteous rules or slacken with casual worldliness. Josh Hooker’s book points a better way – indeed the only way: not only to start with the cross but to go on daily living in the power of the cross and the resurrection life that follows. Josh Hooker’s book is thoroughly biblical in its approach, practical in application, rich in lively illustration, and full of encouragement and challenge in equal measure. As one of Josh’s former teachers at All Nations Christian College, it is a joy to recommend this book.’

    – Christopher J. H. Wright, Langham Partnership

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