Pilgrimage of the Heart


By: Martin, Catherine


ISBN: 9780990582199

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Do you want to find your home in God now while waiting to reach your grand destination — heaven? In Pilgrimage of the Heart, author Catherine Martin takes you on an eight-week daily journey through the Psalms — the prayers, desires, hymns, insights, and observations of some of God’s choice servants. Because many of the Psalms are prayers, we learn to pray. Because the Psalms are written records, we learn to journal. Because the Psalms are meditations on Scripture, we learn to meditate. Because many Psalms are a result of silence before God, we learn to be still and know that He is God. Written across the pages of Scripture is a great invitation: the call of the majestic God of love to His beloved to come away with Him, dwell with Him, commune with Him, and delight in Him. Spend time getting to know God on a pilgrimage in the Psalms.