Tortured Wonders [HC]


By: Clapp, Rodney



ISBN: 1587431068

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Christian Spirituality for People, not Angels

Tortured Wonders shows how orthodox Christian spirituality “never gives up on the body.”  Rodney Clapp begins by addressing the incarnation of Christ and the resurrection of the body, and the place of sacraments in Christian spirituality.  Then he takes up the likes of Elvis and Bambi to explore the spiritual consequences of our contemporary obsession with celebrity and the fear of death.  He calls us to embrace our creatureliness through a string of irresistible topics:

  • Is there sex in heaven?
  • What is the most “biblical” posture for prayer?
  • Can we learn anything from non-Christian spiritual traditions?

Pastors, counselors, and anyone interested in Christian spirituality will appreciate this lucid and insightful book.





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