The Pattern of Sound Doctrine


By: Van Drunen, David (ed)



ISBN: 0875527175

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Systematic Theology At The Westminster Seminaries: Essays in Honor of Robert B. Strimple

Essays by Hart, Horton, Frame, Gaffin, Godfrey, and others highlight this study of the crucial role the Westeminster seminaries have played in the development of systematic theology during the past seventy-five years. This volume examines the contributions of theologians from John Murray and his Princeton predecessors, to Robert Strimple and beyond. In four parts, contributors examine the history of systematics, its relationship to other disciplines, issues of special importance, and the impact of Westminster theology on the broader life of the church. Essays on how systematic theology connects with biblical theology, apologetics, and practical theology, as well as discussions of justification, the free offer of the gospel, and the centrality of covenant, should interest students, pastors, and scholars.





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