Speaking the Truth in Love [HC]


By: Hughes John ed.


ISBN: 9781596381643

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Speaking the Truth in Love: The Theology of John M. Frame is a festschrift honoring Professor Frame’s career in seminary teaching and publishing.

Unlike many festschrifts, this book does not merely collect essays on subjects of interest to the honoree. Rather, it analyzes Frame’s own work in the fields of theology, apologetics, ethics, worship, the church, and other areas. Containing some forty articles, it is one of the largest festschrifts ever published. The authors have worked in numerous fields and are familiar with Frame’s work; many are Frame’s former students and colleagues.

This is the first large-scale analysis of Frame’s distinctive approach to theology. The essays go into considerable depth, comparing Frame’s conceptual approach with the approaches of others and even applying his ideas to various fields beyond those that he has explored.