Our Father – Enjoying God in Prayer


By: Coekin, Richard


ISBN: 9781844743933

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Our Father in heaven Hallowed be your name. When Jesus’ disciples asked him for help with prayer, he gave them a beautifully simple but spiritually profound outline known as the Lord’s Prayer. This utterly extraordinary prayer has been cherished by Christians everywhere and always. In it, our Savior has brilliantly summarized the kinds of requests that God most delights to answer. Jesus knew that, when we struggle to pray, we need, far more than techniques and challenges, a fresh appreciation of God. We need to glimpse his magnificent character and plans. As we see the Father described in Jesus’ prayer, we find ourselves lifted in wonder to delight in him. Our cold hearts are warmed and our stifled tongues released to pray. The Lord’s Prayer, and so this book, is all about enjoying God. Says the author, “I find the Lord’s Prayer exhilarating. It has been a lifeline from God, dragging my proud heart to him. I couldn’t survive without it.”





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