Old Testament Characters (LBS)


By: Scazzero, Peter


ISBN: 1859993826

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We live in a world that is desperate for heroes, with the most unlikely personalities held up as role models. Yet in the Old Testament we meet many examples of real flesh-and-blood people mirroring our own strengths and weaknesses who can provide us with genuine examples to follow. There’s Daniel, who knew how to resist compromise; Esther, who said ‘yes’ to God in spite of great risk; Elijah, who stood alone for God against all the odds.

Abraham gives us an unforgettable portrait of faith. Daniel is a classic example of holiness. And through her willingness to risk her own life, Esther shows us what commitment means. This LifeBuilder explores the lives of these and other Bible characters. Their example helps us live in the present by learning from people of the past.
This revised LifeBuilder Bible Study features additional questions for starting group discussions and for meeting God in personal reflection, together with expanded leader’s notes and an extra ‘Now or Later’ section in each study.





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