Colossians: Christ Is All You Need – Learner Guide [eBook]


By: Gotthardt, Paul, Quarles, Charles, Selby, Brett

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ISBN: 9781430025399

Colossians: Christ Is All You Need – Learner Guide is an essential tool for every participant in this January Bible Study. You’ll learn that the Letter to the Colossians addressed several heresies being presented to the church at Colossae. At the core of these false teachings was a misunderstanding of the nature of Jesus Christ and His work. Paul pointed to both the deity and humanity of Christ and how the realities of Christ’s identity should impact how people live in practical ways.

In this January Bible Study, Pastor Paul Gotthardt challenges believers to move away from performance-based religion. The Christian life is not about trying harder, but trusting Christ more. The issue is not being versus doing; the issue is doing from the overflow of being. As you walk through the Christological themes of Colossians, you will be reminded that everything God desires to do in and through our lives, He will accomplish out of the overflow of our relationship with Christ. Christ is all we need.


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