Not Evangelical Enough


By: Taylor, Iain (ed)



ISBN: 1842271741

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Do we need to change or supplement the biblical gospel when the world around us makes the Evangelical cause appear powerless dry culturebound and irrelevant.

What passes for Evangelical Christianity may be guilty as charged but not so with the gospel. What is culturebound and irrelevant is not the gospel itself but only reduced and distorted versions that are unworthy of the name.

The book is both a plea for a Christianity that is radically committed to the full scope of the gospel and an outline of what this might mean for the issues that face Christians at the beginning of a new century.

Various essays explore how a proper evangelical outlook can shed new light on traditional commonplaces such as evangelism preaching and the Bible. The book also tackles less usual territory in the light of the gospel dealing with such topics as social justice gender contemporary culture work and the human person.





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