Is Your Church Ready?


By: Zacharias & Geisler

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ISBN: 0310250617

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Motivating Leaders to Live an Apologetic Life

A ministry resource for motivating all Christians to become thoughtful apologists of their faith.  Although apologetics is as crucial today as it has ever been, the classical model for defending the faith often seems irrelevant to the 21st century where people listen with their eyes and think with their emotions.

Is Your Church Ready? presents a team of highly qualified Christian thinkers – including Ravi Zacharias, John Guest, Jay Budziszewski, Judy Salisbury, Dean Halverson, and Peter Grant – who build a case for the place of apologetics in the local church, home, and school.  Using personal examples and illustrations they address:

  • How to answer objections to Christianity.
  • How to equip children in the home and prepare youth to remain committed to Christ after they leave for college.
  • How to reach international students.

Included are discussion questions and a “Church Leaders Resource Guide” to the best books, articles, organizations, and websites on the subject.





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