A Mighty Fortress is our God (Luther)


By: Cromarty, Jim


ISBN: 0852344112

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On October 31, 1517, a lone monk pushed his way through the crowds milling around the streets of Wittenberg, a small university town in eastern Germany, and made his way towards the church. Arriving at the church door, he nailed to that door a list of 95 serious objections – this being his formal gesture of inviting the townspeople to a public discussion of these abuses of the church.

At the time, only a few took much notice of his actions, but within a few weeks, people all over Europe were discussing this. A chain of events was set in motion which had profound effects for Europe, and beyond to the world, for centuries to come. That monk was Martin Luther.



“Fresh and fast-moving, Jim Cromarty’s account of the life and influence of the great Reformer brings Martin Luther out from the pages of the history books, portraying his warm, vibrant personality and unwavering faith. Packed with detail, A Mighty fortress is our God lays an excellent foundation for further study of the Reformation period and Luther’s own testimony, which remains as relevant now as it ever was. Not only is this book valuable as an introduction to Martin Luther’s life, but it also serves as a reminder of those cardinal doctrines of the faith which can alone transform the lives of men and women today.” — Faith Cook, author of many historical works

“Jim Cromarty’s rendition of Luther sings sweetly. Though clearly aware of critical scholarship, Cromarty has written a narrative to entice a delight. The story is ever fresh, written in a lively, engaging and, at times, enchanting style. Luther never fails to fascinate, encourage and bring prayers of thanks for God’s deliverance from the soul tyranny of medieval Rome. Cromarty’s story unleashes Luther in all his strength and sweetness and keeps the reader absorbed in the drama with its tensions and celebrations.” – Dr. Tom Nettles, Professor of Theology, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky





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