Ulrich Zwingli (Bitesize Biographies)


By: Boekestein, William


ISBN: 9781783970827

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“A critical and empathetic narration of the life and influence of…the Swiss reformer. The author…achieves historical accuracy in a lovely manner allowing the reader to participate in the life of the pioneer of Reformed Protestantism – a person, who was in no way perfect, but a true lover of the Gospel.” ~ Peter Opitz, Professor of Church History and Reformation Theology, University of Zurich

“Ulrich Zwingli of Zurich, a great reformer overshadowed by two greater, Luther and Calvin, should be much better known than he is. This well-informed and workmanlike book will surely make him so.” ~ J.I. Packer, Board of Governors’ Professor of Theology, Regent College

“Ulrich Zwingli is too little known in light of his vital contribution to the Reformation. This book is a very lively and useful introduction to the life and thought of this important Reformer.” ~ W. Robert Godfrey, President of Westminster Seminary, California