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  • Looking for something different in christian music?
  • MIC are a South African group unafraid to experiment with their sound
  • This DVD shows MIC at their prime, and shows behind the scenes footage from their concerts

MIC was founded in Hillcrest, Natal, South Africa by Steve Rothquel. Steve started his band in 1989 as a schoolboy dream? little did he know that his band would go on to play in front of audiences of 55,000 people in Holland and become one of South Africa’s top ‘Pop Sensations’!

MIC is Steve Rothquel, Peter Stainbank, Marlon van Whye and Theran Knighton-Fitt. Each member of the band MIC contributes in various ways, from songwriting to stage clothes designing and, as a whole, they make up the dynamic sound of MIC.

MIC, South Africa’s ground breaking award-winning band are at it once again with this jam-packed DVD package. For more than ten years MIC have placed a huge emphasis on committing their songs to the world of video. With the release of RE:Invention, the time was right for the arrival of their first DVD! Included is a fantastic look at MIC on the road, behind the scenes footage and interviews with each of the guys, as well as loads of extras & bonus videos.

Moving Pictures DVD was published by All Access Records in February 2006 and is our 20116th best seller.