Divided We Fall (DVD) (Bibleman Genesis)



ISBN: 023755406194

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The Wacky Protestor is back with plans to infiltrate Mr. Funky’s Wild Time, the nation’s most popular children’s TV show, with his own live satellite feed.  Needing the Bibleteam out of the way for his plans to succeed, Wacky Protestor uses his latest technological toy to create false footage that sets the Bibleteam at odds with each other.

With the trio focused on being hurt and angry with each other, Wacky Protestor is clear to take control of the broadcasting system’s satellite and broadcast his show nationwide.  Will the Bibleteam believe the video transmissions they see and become upset with each other?  Will they be able to figure out Wacky Protestor’s scheme and destroy his evil toy before it’s too late?




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