Marriage Conflict (31 Day Devotionals fo


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Talking as Teammates

How we communicate with one another matters-especially in a marriage.  Even if we aren’t actively trying to cut down our spouses with our words, we can create friction and misunderstandings that hinder our unity and mutual growth.

The Bible gives us countless principles to help us to communicate in ways that give life, not pain, to our spouses.  In thirty-one daily devotional readings, biblical counselor Steve Hoppe paints a picture of a whole new way of communicating, starting with the heart before moving into the practical dos and don’ts.  Whether your home is a verbal war zone or you’d simply like to do a little better, this book is written for you.  As you read through it with your spouse, meditating on Scripture, praying, and using the practical questions and action steps, you will learn to communicate with Christlike love, grow in holiness, and glorify God with your words.