By: Brownback, Lydia



ISBN: 9781433512988

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This latest On-the-Go Devotional addresses the challengeswomen face in the pursuit of purity, ultimately casting thestruggle in the light of the purity of Christ.

The Christian community often thinks of purity only as itrelates to issues of sexuality, but the term encompasses much morethan that. We need to look closely at all it means to be pure asGod intended. So what does purity mean? As modern women, how can wefollow Paul’s command in Colossians to “put to death” impurity? Howdoes purity adorn a godly woman? Lydia Brownback looks to Scriptureto answer these questions as she engages an issue faced by allwomen.

The newest in a series of compact devotional books for women,Purity guides us to understand that our hearts arepurified as we lean on the purity of Christ and his perfect workfor us. These devotionals are a daily reminder to women thatputting Christ first takes care of everything else.