Judges (Good Book Guide)


By: Keller, Timothy



ISBN: 9781908762887

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The flawed and the flawless

Timothy Keller shows us the flawed heroes of Judges—and how they point us to the flawless hero, Jesus.

This six-study guide by Timothy Keller will show users how this dark, difficult period of history points us to the wonderful message of the gospel.

Judges takes us to a time of murder and massacre, immorality and unfaithfulness. But it also reveals to us the God of mercy and long-suffering, who rescues his people time and again. And it points us to his greatest rescue, through Jesus Christ.

The flawed and the flawless is designed to work alongside Judges For You, Timothy Keller’s expository guide to Judges. His clarify and insight will help anyone exploring this challenging, yet thrilling, Old Testament book.

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