Discovering Jesus Through Asian Eyes (Le


By: Thorne & Thomson

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ISBN: 9781909919198

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Asians of all nationalities and religious background often have a false view of what Christianity is all about. Many do not know much about who Jesus is and what he taught.
The Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes course is designed to address these questions from the Bible, and lead Asians into a deeper understanding of Jesus and the Gospel message.

This leader’s manual contains:
• All you need to run eight friendly discussions with Asians that explain the Gospel of Jesus
• Full guide to running the sessions with outline answers to the questions
• Helpful advice on answering specific questions that those from different religions ask.
• An introduction to specific questions that arise from Asians with Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist and other belief systems.

Use it to train yourself and others to reach out to those from an Asian background.