The Journal Once Lost (Sung)


By: Levi


ISBN: 9789814222082

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Extracts From The Diary of John Sung

Considered by many as the greatest Chinese evangelist ever lived, Dr John Sung had fought valiantly for the Lord during the first half of the twentieth century, covering vast areas within Mainland China and Southeast Asia, bringing revival to the Chinese Church as no one had ever done before.  His influence is felt even to this day.  Compiled by Levi, Dr Sung’s daughter, the valuable information and rare old photographs featured in The Journal Once Lost bring us back to the days of the one who had dedicated his entire life to the Lord.

Read and be inspired by the voices from his heart.  This highly anticipated Book covers:

  • Extracts from more than 40 copies of John Sung’s diaries.
  • John Sung’s journeys against all odds to spread the Word.
  • Powerful chronicles of how the multitudes repented and became born-again Christians.




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