God’s Secret Listener


By: Butterworth, John


ISBN: 9781914966279

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Berti Dosti faced a terrible but intriguing dilemma.  He was an Albanian army captain and his job as a radio specialist was to listen into the world’s airwaves…  As he idly twiddled the radio dials, he heard a voice saying: “If you want to find out more about God we will meet again tomorrow.”

1980s Albania.  The world’s most isolated country and ‘the first atheistic state’.  Captain Dosti knows that by secretly listening to a Christian radio station he could put his life and the life of his whole family at risk.  And yet, he cannot resist.

This is the story of Berti’s journey from Captain Dosti to Pastor Dosti.  It’s the story of the explosive growth of the early Albanian church after nearly half a decade of repressive atheism.  And it’s the story of the of the untiring efforts of Trans World Radio to broadcast the Christian message across closed borders to Albanians, who for most of their life had been told there was no God.