Integrative Psychotherapy


By: McMinn & Campbell


ISBN: 9780830851768

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Founded and focused upon the integration of psychology and the Christian faith, and formed by the insights and hard labor of many dedicated scholars, clinicians, pastors, authors, and educators, Mark McMinn and Clark Campbell present a unique, ambitious, and modest integration model in Integrative Psychotherapy. This textbook provides both a theoretical and theological dimension of integrative psychotherapy that is rooted in Christian biblical and theological teaching and in a critical and constructive engagement with contemporary psychology. Their insights are thoroughly grounded in a biblical understanding of the human condition and of God’s grace in Christ and calling on his people.

Now available in paperback, this foundational work integrates behavioral, cognitive, and interpersonal models of therapy within a Christian theological framework. Not only do McMinn and Campbell integrate Christian faith and spirituality with the latest thinking in behavioral science at a theoretical level, they also integrate the theoretical and academic with the pastoral and clinical, offering a practical guide for the practitioner. For thoughtful Christian counselors, psychologists, scholars, and seminarians, Integrative Psychotherapy is an indispensable and inspiring resource.