War of Words


By: Tripp, Paul

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ISBN: 0875526047

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Getting to the Heart of Your Communication Struggles

“Talk” seems so normal, so ordinary, so harmless.  Yet there are few things we do that are more important.  And underneath the normality of it all is a great struggle, a war of words that we fight every day.

Who hasn’t been hurt by the words of another?  Who hasn’t regretted something they said?  Who hasn’t had to referee an argument?  Who hasn’t wanted to talk seriously with a loved one, yet there seems to be no time?

Recognizing that words are powerful, Paul Tripp shows us how the gospel transforms the way we communicate.  Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Word is the only hope for our words.  In our war of words, he is the one who gives us the victory.  Tripp directs us to a renewed reliance on our heavenly Father’s abundant grace and a more Christ-honoring, people-benefiting life of talk.





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