How to Choose a Bible Version


By: Thomas, Robert


ISBN: 1857924967

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An Introductory Guide to English Translations

The explosive growth in new Bible translations has given new responsibilities to the person who buys a Bible.  How so? – because in the past theologians would discuss, argue, debate and decide on how to translate a biblical text. Now, with all sorts of variations and methods catered for, the decision is taken from the theologian and given to the consumer.

Today, the customer in the shop has to provide their own reasoning for deciding which Bible to buy, a responsibility which most are not in a position to accept. Rather than allow the Bible to be what the consumer wants it to be, Robert Thomas has set out to find a way out of this dead end. He teaches us what we need to know in order to assess each bible version and decide on its suitability for the task we want to use it for.





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