Christology Ancient & Modern


By: Crisp & Sanders ed.

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ISBN: 9780310514961

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A Fresh Look at the Doctrine of Christ.

Christology was the central doctrine articulated by the early church councils, and it remains the subject of close theological investigation today.

Christology, Ancient and Modern—the first volume in a series of published proceedings from the annual Los Angeles Theology Conference—brings together conference proceedings, surveying the field and articulating the sources, norms, and criteria for constructive theological work in Christology.

The ten diverse essays in this collection include discussions on:

  • The types of historical Christologies and evaluations of various approaches to the theology of Christ.
  • A close look at the trajectory and divergence of modern denominational understandings of Christ’s work and person.
  • Discussions of implications and challenges to specific Christologies regarding detailed exegetical considerations.

Each of the essays collected in this volume engage with Scripture as well as with others in the field—theologians both past and present, from different confessions—in order to provide constructive resources for contemporary systematic theology and to forge a theology for the future.