Women, Slaves and the Gender Debate


By: Reaoch, Benjamin

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ISBN: 9781596384019

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The debate over the role of women in the church is not diminishing. Complementarians argue that men and women are equal but have distinctive roles, while egalitarians argue against role distinctions.

The egalitarians’ redemptive-movement hermeneutic has gained support. Advocates concede many of the exegetical conclusions made by complementarians about relevant Bible passages, but then argue that elsewhere the Bible moves us beyond these specific instructions–e.g., the Bible commands slaves to submit to their masters, and yet basic principles in the Bible point toward the abolition of slavery. Is the issue of women’s roles the same?

This is a timely examination of the exegetical and hermeneutical questions, demonstrating the inconsistencies of adopting the egalitarians’ hermeneutical approach–and the dangerous consequences.





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