Hipster Christianity


By: McCracken, Brett

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ISBN: 9780801072222

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When Church and Cool Collide 

Insider twentysomething Christian journalist Brett McCracken has grown up in the evangelical Christian subculture and observed the recent shift away from the “stained glass and steeples” old guard of traditional Christianity to a more unorthodox, stylized 21st-century church.  This change raises a big issue for the church in our postmodern world: the question of cool.

The question is whether or not Christianity can be, should be, or is, in fact, cool.  This probing book is about an emerging category of Christians McCracken calls “Christian hipsters” – the unlikely fusion of the American obsessions with worldly “cool” and otherworldly religion – an analysis of what they’re about, why they exist, and what it all means for Christianity and the church’s relevancy and hipness in today’s youth-oriented culture.