40 Rockets


By: Josling, Craig

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ISBN: 9781922206152

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Encouragement and Tips for Turbocharging Your Evangelism at Work

It’s Sunday.  You’re in church.  Your pastor is preaching, and – for what feels like the eight millionth time – encourages you to share the gospel at work this week.

How do you react?  Is it with a sense of guilt?  Anxiety?  Fear?  Or perhaps you’re more positive than that, but just feel a bit clueless in knowing how to go about it.

In his book, Craig Josling uses his years of experience in work place ministry to give you 40 ‘rockets’ – that is, 40 short tips and encouragements to get you moving and to turbocharge your evangelistic efforts at work.  It’s a book full of tangible, practical ideas to help you make gospel conversations an achievable reality.  And by igniting one rocket per week you’ll make substantial progress towards the goal of people becoming Christians in your work place.

Of course, these ‘rockets’ can also be applied in many other contexts besides the work place.  Wherever or whatever your office may be – the school playground, the campus, the gym, the sporting field – there are opportunities for sharing the gospel.

You can work through 40 Rockets on your own or use it as the basis of a small group discussion as you spur each other on to make Jesus known.